Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adventures in Cheese-buying

The newest addition to the list of cheese stores in New York City is BKLYN Larder.

They have a nice working cave to hold their cheese and a good mixed selection of imported and American cheeses. The staff is nice, their signs are funny and the non-cheese selection really complete. Including some of their own in-house made cured meats and some meats from Dickson's.

I got a big chunk of Tractor Cheddar from VT and a small piece of Pantaleo from Italy. I had never tried the cheddar and I was looking for something easy to put in sandwiches. The Pantaleo was one of the cheeses in the dessert list at Lupa Osteria Romana in the city. I didn't have it there, because I was too full from an amazing fish dinner, so I wanted to try it.

Cheese selection @ BKLYN Larder - (Brooklyn, NY)


  1. Ooh, they're run by the people who run Franny's! Have you been? We can't go anymore now that Kate's not eating gluten, but it's one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. Sigh.

    Have you ever been taken to the Park Slope Food Co-op? I'd be interested to hear your evaluation of their cheese selection.

  2. Emily, I have been at Franny's a couple of times. I love their pizzas and drinks. I'm sure you can ask for gluten free stuff, they are good. I have never been to the co-op, and I only know the horror stories of many friends and from the NYTimes article.

    An employee of Murray's is part of the co-op and that person has not complains. See you in the picnic.