Monday, December 14, 2009

I'll bring the Cheese!

Tomorrow I have a small dinner with my PhD advisor and I am in charge of bringing cheese. Talk about cheese politics!

She loves cheese and has heard me talk on cheese politics, cheese migration and cheese history (some of the classes I teach). However, to bring cheese to someone's house is always a challenge. Cheese changes everyday and with every batch and price is not always the best indicator of a good piece.

I normally take my time to think about the people that are going to be eating the cheese, and try to match their taste with the cheese. Yes, this is really involved, but I am a cheese geek.

Still, I don't expect everyone to pay this much attention or be so OC about it. So here are some crowd pleasers. This is a small list of American cheeses that will earn you the love and respect of your advisor... sorry of your friends and family.

VBC Coupole
Meadow Creek Grayson
Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Spring Bridge Tarentaise
Vermont Shepherd
Jasper Hill Farm - Bayley Hazen Blue
Beehive Cheese Co. - Barely Buzzed

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