Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Cheese Judging #catando

For the past three days a couple of cheesers on twitter have been discussing on how to judge cheese. We have had input from cheesemongers, makers, marketers and other judges. I would like to extend this conversation to all of you, as we try to come up with a consensus on: what a cheese judge should know? Please contribute your ideas. If you want to contribute on twitter, please use the hash tag: #catando - I will collect all comments and draw some conclusions from your opinions.

You can also contribute in our facebook page:

Para hacer esto mas interactivo y tener mas opiniones, me interesa que los queseros de habla hispana también participen. El tema es: Que necesita un juez quesero saber? Sus opiniones son bienvenidas. Si quieres contribuir en twitter, usa la marca #catando y yo recolectare todos los comentarios para sacar conclusiones de tus opiniones.

Tambien puedes contribuir en nuestra pagina de facebook:

1 comment:

  1. He should know to eat a salty meal before judging and to drink plenty of water. Otherwise his judgement will be clouded by a longing for salt. This is especially true following a long flight, or in a very dry exhibition centre.