Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adventures in Cheese-buying: New Year's Eve

Cheese selection @ Whole Foods (Cambridge, Mass.)

Here are again some pictures from the cheese counter at Whole Foods. These ones are from the one in Fresh Pond in Cambridge, Massachusetts, during my last minute run of 2009.

This time the guy behind the counter was super knowledgeable and was good at talking to me about some good NYE cheeses. He recommended Rogue River Blue and Tomme de Savoie, both were great. I also got some Brie de Nangis and a piece of Comte. A pity that the Irish cheeses they get from Neal's Yard Dairy (Durrus and Ardhrahan) are always too dry to buy. I know that the people at Neal's Yard, Whole Foods and even at Durrus are trying to have the cheese be in better condition once it arrives in the US. However, the problem is that these raw washed-rinded cheeses are too delicate to travel and need constant supervision by an affineur. Also because of the raw milk regulations they cannot be shipped earlier from Ireland, which means that by the time we get them in the US, they have already passed their prime.

You can also see in the corner of the picture on the right some of the Herve Mons camemberts. The NY Times published an interesting article on it (
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