Sunday, November 1, 2009

Starter of this blog


lac-to-gra-phy - [lak-to-ruh-fee]

-noun, plural –phies.

1. the science dealing with cheese.

2. the study of this science.


L lact- (s. of lac milk) + -o-

Gk -graphia. See -graph, -y-

lac-to'gra-pher n.

1. a person who specializes in the study of this science.


gráphos a writer; See -graph + -er-

This is probably the third attempt to start this blog. I have had a lot of encouragement from friends, family and colleagues to write about cheese politics. For a very long time I decided to not do this as it would consume a lot of time and didn’t have a clear goal.

Also, I didn’t have a good name for the site and there are other more talented people writing blogs already. Amongst the most impressive are Cheese Underground, Cheese a Day, and the posts by Nora Singley at The Kitchn. Other good sites, that have sporadic entries or haven’t had any entries in a while are: CurdNerds, 365 Cheeses, Cheese Dairy, and the Murray’s blog series.

My aim is not to write the ultimate cheese blog, but rather to share with people my passion for cheese and politics. I hope to keep you entertained and practice my writing. I also want to remind people about the stuff we all take for granted when eating. Like the decisions of producers, farmers, and politicians in marketing, harvesting or legislating the food that we eat. While this could be super boring, I hope to do it with some irony, as my subject of inquiry is cheese and anything serious about cheese can easily turn fromagesque (cheesy).


Carlos Yescas


PS. Thanks to Matthew Hicks for the perfect term.


  1. Dude, my passion is to "share with people mypassion for cheese and *". In my case, mostly other food and travel. Blog and don't worry.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Jeremy